What are we about?

Freedom, freedom to travel, and explore. Working in an office and living by a routine is not for everyone; being able to make a living while exploring the world is a possibility. Learn more about Remote Income. For those that prefer not to vacation on a cruise ship or an all-inclusive resort, we offer transformative travel that will leave you impacted. Learn more about Transformative Travel. We have spent the last decade learning how to make this life possible, and now we want to share it with you. Learn how to grow, give, and earn without being tied down to one place. Go there and be inspired. 

Travel that inspires.

We are Matthew and Karri, social entrepreneurs, and transformative travelers. We met in April 2015. I was working in Nepal on an earthquake relief effort with my non-profit organization, Khusi Hona. Karri wanted to get involved in supporting the relief effort by having a fundraiser. Over the next several months, our friendship turned into a love story, changing our lives forever. Karri is a graphic and web designer, DJ, and founder of Lovetree Co, an ethical fashion company. We married late 2016 on an island in the Bahamas and have been exploring the world and inspiring positive change together since. Read more about our adventures, travel hacks, remote work, and transformative travel tours here.


Travelers today want more than a simple visit to a new destination or relaxing on a beach for a few days. They are increasingly drawn to travel as a form of personal transformation and growth. Are you ready to be transformed, immersed and leave changed and impacted? Learn More


South India

South India